Aluminum Mill Equipment

H&K Equipment is home to industry leading aluminum mill equipment from Gradall and EPIQ Mecfor.

H&K Equipment is your home for the best aluminum mill vehicles from the leading brands Gradall and EPIQ Machinery.

Gradall, producer of the XL Series of mill maintenance and aluminum skimming machines, is known for super-heavy-duty, highly adaptable equipment that will keep pace with your operations. With unique telescoping booms and a wide of range of attachments, Gradall XL vehicles are must-haves for any furnace operation.

And if you have unique challenges that require unique solutions, you can count on EPIQ Machinery to build what you need. EPIQ Mecfor equipment is fully designed to match your application, facility, and processes.


Gradall Aluminum Mill Maintenance

In the extreme climate of aluminum mill maintenance, Gradall is the name you can count on. The eight models of the Gradall XL Series provide you with a range of options suited for any mill environment. With heat-resistant shielding and your choice of crawler or rubber tire configurations, the machines of the XL Series are more versatile and adept at working inside furnaces than any other vehicles on the market today.

Gradall’s advanced boom design features continuous 360-degree boom tilt, allowing for unmatched reach and movement for a wide variety of metal mill maintenance tasks. Contact the team at H&K Equipment to learn more.

Gradall Aluminum Skimming

Aluminum furnace dross skimming is a highly specialized operation, which is why you need a highly specialized piece of equipment like the XL4240 V or XL4340 V from Gradall. The highly agile telescopic boom makes pot cleaning and furnace teardowns fast and efficient. Easily reach through the mouth of a furnace for dross removal and cleaning.

These machines also provide exceptional operator visibility in all directions in an ergonomically designed, climate controlled cab that is fully optimized for comfort and safety. To learn more about how Gradall can help your operators perform better, contact the team at H&K Equipment.

EPIQ Mecfor Forging Vehicles

When you need a fully customized forging machine for your unique aluminum mill application, there’s only one name that matters: Mecfor equipment by EPIQ Machinery. EPIQ designs and manufactures state-of-the-art aluminum handling equipment with an operational lifespan that is unmatched in the industry.

EPIQ Mecfor forging vehicles feature unique manipulators designed specifically for heavy industry. These machines make it easier to maintain your mill and bring greater standardization to your operations. To get an appraisal of your facility and equipment recommendations, contact the experts at H&K Equipment.

EPIQ Mecfor Custom Equipment

EPIQ Mecfor has a strong reputation for excellence in all sectors of aluminum operations: alumina, carbon, electrolysis, and foundry. With decades working side by side with the aluminum sector, EPIQ Mecfor is proud to develop new equipment and material handling solutions that match your exact operating environment.

The designers at EPIQ Mecfor know that no two facilities are alike, so why apply a one-size-fits-all solution to unique challenges? The team at H&K Equipment understands the demands of modern metal mills and works directly with Mecfor to bring the perfect machine for your facility online. We also service and maintain this equipment better than anyone. Contact us to learn more.

EPIQ Mecfor MTC Series

Built for the unforgiving environments of the potroom, EPIQ Mecfor MTC models safety transport molten metal crucibles and anode assembly trays throughout aluminum mills. Available with anode, metal, crucible tilter, or specialized trailers depending on your application and need.

The versatility and superior maneuverability of these articulated machines means increased productivity, efficiency, and safety at your mill. To learn more about how the EPIQ Mecfor MTC Series improves production, contact H&K Equipment.

EPIQ Mecfor MVR Series

EPIQ Mecfor MVR vehicles are specialized machines built for professional bath tapping and discharging. With excellent operator visibility, assisted control mechanisms, and an eye toward safety, the MVR Series employs “Smart Casthouse Solutions” to make smelter operations faster and more efficient than ever.

These machines have longer lifespans than the industry average and can reduce the number of dedicated vehicles needed for furnace charging, tending, and skimming. The significant cost reductions realized with this equipment guarantees a fast return on your investment and lifetime of efficiency. To learn more about how these machines can help you save, contact H&K Equipment.

The Aluminum Mill Solution

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